About Us

Our Mission

GS reimagines the classical music experience by presenting culinary-inspired concerts that unite DC’s cultural and artisanal communities.

Our Concept

GS strives to break the conceived boundaries of traditional concert experiences by developing programs that expertly pair locally-sourced cuisine and custom beverages with classical music selections, creating a unique multi-sensory experience that brings to life historical, cultural, and sometimes hidden connections in each program.

GS aims to attract both newcomers and seasoned aficionados of the art form, expanding the local consumer base and inspiring awareness of classical music’s cultural and culinary synergy.

Our Programs

GS offers a radically new way to consume classical music. Each event is presented in an unconventional setting, taking away many of the traditional barriers that prevent contemporary patrons from enjoying classical music concerts. GS reinvents the concert experience for today’s audiences and encourages them to taste, smell, listen, and learn–satisfying their culinary and cultural appetites.

Our Community

In addition to bringing together a collection of talented artists, GS aims to shed a spotlight on the gifted local artisans of our community. From cheese-mongers to meat-curers to ramen-noodle gurus and from micro-brewers to vermouth shakers to coffee roasters, our hope is to offer audiences a novel experience while spreading knowledge and curiosity about DC’s diverse small business community.