Gourmet Symphony would like to thank the following organizations and individuals whose contributions have sustained our operations over the last year.

Thank you for supporting Gourmet Symphony in all of our musical and culinary endeavors!

Lauren Aronson
Don Atkins
Shannon Siemens Baccaglini*
Dustin Berra*
Graham Binder
Samuel Blair*
Nadene Bradburn
Susanna Caliendo
Nicole Merritt & Nish Chari
Jeannie L. Coco*
John Coco
Dave Crook*
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities*
Donna Devlin
Colleen Devlin
John and Camille Devlin*
Monica Devlin
Sharon Devlin*
Jackie Ernst
Laura Ettabbakh
Cara Fleck

Elena Forbes
Carol Sadler & Steve Geimann*
Mallory Gianola
Jauvon & Andrea Gilliam*
Lyndsey Gore
Laura Hampton
Robin Havens-Parker
Blankie Hernandez
Andres Holder
Michael Ingram*
Bobby Juliano*
Nicolas Kendall
Marisa Klein
Chris & Cait Lanza
Flora Lee*
Jonathan Levy*
Victoria Liu
Ann McKee*
Linda Mercuro*
Ryan Merkel
Chad Michaels
Matthew Millage

David Mozur
Briana Murray*
Hasan Nazar
Eric Nathan*
Charlie Nilles*
Melissa Froehlich & Mario Ortego*
Allie Osborne*
Rajiv Patnam*
Christopher Payton*
Diana Saez
Rita Shapiro*
Wayne Sharp*
David Smith*
Libby Rector Snipe
Cerys & Bryan Spadaro
Mary Hall Surface
Sara Trautmas
Candice Trummell
Steve Wanczyk
Chris Wilhelm
Kim Witman

*Indicates a donor who has made a donation of $100 and above.